Lightweight Plant Tables

Nostrand Lightweight Plant tables are manufactured to last longer than any other timber framed benches on the market.

  • Aluminium Subframe = Life Long Construction
  • Treated Timber Surround = "Softer" Retail Appearance
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Safety Corners
  • All tables come with Ebb & Flow Flood Trays
  • Adjustable Legs = Level Tables for effective watering

Standard Leg Heights:  650mm - 450mm - 250mm

Internal Corner Detail

The flood trays are made from high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and come complete with bung and filter fitted to the sump aperture.



70% Less water used in  comparison to overhead watering!


60% Less time spent to flood the tray manually in comparison to watering each pot!


Less Water & Time spent = Less Money Spent!


Award winning at Industry Trade Shows!

Many Sizes, Shapes and Tiered combinations are available to order at your request.

2 Metre Wide End Table

Nested Tables Set;

Trellis Backed Plant Table;

Made to Measure Tiered Table to fit between polytunnel posts;

Very Popular Tiered Display Table;