Flood Tray Systems & Accessories

We stock Staal Plast flood trays in a wide range of sizes. 

For replacement or installing onto your existing benches.

Staal Plast flood trays are supplied with a sump at one end draining thanks to their specific design. They are manufactured with 3 layers for extra strength and the top layer is impregnated with an anti-UV stabilizer, allowing us to offer a 5-year warranty on our product.

Multi piece trays can be manufactured up to 2.2 metres wide x 12 metres long.

Sizes Stocked(mm):

330 x 11001000 x 1100
330 x 20401000 x 2040
435 x 20151200 x 1200
630 x 11001200 x 2040
630 x 20401200 x 2500
800 x 12001600 x 1600
800 x 20401600 x 2500

CC Danish Trolley Size - 555 x 1260

Hexagonal Trays & End Table Trays are also available on request.

Below are just a few of the many accessories available for our Flood Tray systems;

High Speed "Quick" Valve;

Siphon Drain Valve;

Standard Drain Tap;